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The mission of Beloved Daughters Women’s Ministry is to glorify God through the mutual edification and building up of one another. This is done through the teaching of the Word, the worship of Christ, and by creating environments that cultivate an authentic and transparent culture with relational depth. 


Our mission is to see lives transformed as we pursue the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Our belief is that the Word of God, when taught, spoken and received within the context of community will bring healing, hope, beauty for ashes, joy, and restoration as we walk in our identity as daughters of the King.


“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.”

John 15:9

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Encountering Monthly devotion

      Encountering God by Abiding Through Pain by Ashlee Nelson

Although I’ve walked with Jesus for nearly a decade, I ignored the reality of his nearness for the majority of my life. After a sweet encounter with Him nearly four years ago, I’ve been on a journey, hungry to know Him. There wasn’t anything truly special about that day. I was merely cooking in the kitchen, fresh out of the emergency room with little hope. Weary, weak, completely distracted, but oddly willing to hear from Him.

Before I tell you more about what happened in that kitchen, I need to tell you about what my walk with Christ was like for my first six years of my faith. I met Jesus believing the lie that I am not saved if my life hasn’t outwardly changed. While this might be true, I took it in a very legalistic way, believing that I needed to show that I was a Christian, rather than feeling accepted by Christ as I am. I don’t know when this fakeness started but all it did was breed toxicity and kindle a fire of performance within my heart consuming all of my motives. This burned for years and consumed every bit of fellowship with my Father until it was just a scorched field of secret sin. I didn’t have an excuse for why I chased sin for so long, even more severely after “getting saved.” I was sure God’s love wasn’t for me, but did the Christian things anyway.

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